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Mô đun 2 analog in- 1 analog out FX3U-3A-ADP

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  • FX3U-3A-ADP
  • The FX3U-3A-ADP special adapter for analog input and output (hereinafter called
  • 3A-ADP) is a special adapter that adds to add two analog input points and one analog
  • output point
  • Applicable PLC
  • FX3S Series PLC Ver. 1.00 or later (from first production)
  • FX3G Series PLC Ver. 1.20 or later
  • FX3GC Series PLC Ver. 1.40 or later (from first production)
  • FX3U Series PLC Ver. 2.61 or later
  • FX3UC Series PLC Ver. 2.61 or later
  • The version number can be checked by monitoring D8001/D8101 as the last three
  • digits indicate it.
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