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Máy đo lưu lượng điện từ DN3-3000

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The method of measurement is based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction.When the conductive liquid moves within the magnetic field,voltage is induced in it, which is proportional to the velocity of the conductor.The equation is as below:

K: Coefficient of the flowmeter
B: Pulsed magnetic flux density
V: Average velocity of the media
D: Inner diameter of the measuring pipe

When measuring flow,fluid flow through the perpendicular to the direction of the flow field,the liquid flow conductivity induction out a and average flow velocity( volume flow) proportional to the voltage signal,the inductive voltage signal through the two and liquid direct contact with the electrodes of detection,and through the cable, and then sent to amplifier output current signal conversion unity.


• No moving parts in the measuring pipe to facilitate maintenance and management
• No obstacle parts, no pressure loss, sensor with long service life
• Conductivity of measured liquid can reach at least 5 us/cm
• Various liner and electrode materials satisfy most industrial applications
• High accuracy, generally ±0.5%, ±0.3% and ±0.2%
 • F46 Liner is suitable for vacuum tube

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