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FX3U-32DP mô đun truyền thông Profibus

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  • FX3U-32DP
  • Mô đun truyền thông Profibus
  • ProfiBus DP slave module
  • This master module can be used with the following base units:
  • FX3G
  • FX3GE
  • FX3GC*
  • FX3U
  • FX3UC**The FX2NC-CNV-IF interface converter is required.
  • The FX3U-32DP allows the attached FX series main unit to function as a slave station on a ProfiBus DP-V1 network. ProfiBus DP-V1 functionality supports extensive alarm processing and messaging on top of standard cyclic data exchange.
  • Technical specification
  • Module type: Slave station
  • Transmission data: Max. 144 bytes
  • Interface: ProfiBus DP connector
  • Max. number of slave
  •  stations per configuration: 8
  • Communication speed: Max. 12Mbps
  • Communication distance: Max. 1,200m (depends on communication speed)
  • Communication cable: ProfiBus cable with ProfiBus DP connector
  • Related I/O points: 8
  • Power supply: Internal 24V d.c./max. 145mA
  • Dimensions: w43 x h90 x d89mm
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